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ESSA Opportunities for Accomplished Teachers

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The passage of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) presents National Board Certified Teachers with an opportunity to participate in education policy decisions at the state and district level. ESSA emphasizes stakeholder involvement. Now is the time to initiate conversations with your principal, state and school district agencies, associations, and organizations on ways to get involved in the ESSA planning and implementation process. National Board Certified Teachers are instructional experts who have proven their teaching meets the highest standards in the profession and will be able to provide great insight as to how to design and implement education programs under ESSA, including teacher quality initiatives.

Title II of ESSA provides $2.5 billion to states and districts for professional learning and offers flexibility in how they spend this money. States and districts should use the flexibility they have to invest these funds in activities grounded in a coherent professional continuum. This would include novice teacher support through residency and induction programs, professional learning and growth systems that lead to board certification, and teacher leadership opportunities that spread the expertise of accomplished teachers. 

Check out the National Board's recommendations for states and districts in implementing Title II of ESSA.

District Recommendations

State Recommendations

State and District


Impact Brief

Overview of Policy Priorities

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