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Generalist / Early Childhood

This certificate is appropriate for teachers of students ages 3-8 who engage their students in all subject areas addressed in the standards. Some generalists are assigned to teach a single subject, while others are assigned multiple subjects (e.g., humanities teachers or mathematics/science teachers). Some focus on interdisciplinary or cross-disciplinary lessons, while others may use such curricular approaches only occasionally. All generalists, without regard to their assignments, practice in a manner designed to advance student learning in two or more subjects.

Assessment at a Glance

Review the EC/ Generalist Assessment at a Glance to learn more about the following:

  • Choosing the right certificate
  • Reviewing the Standards
  • Portfolio entry descriptions
  • Assessment center exercise descriptions
  • Retired prompts
  • Understanding the National Board scoring process
  • Certification planning timeline


Read the EC/ Generalist Standards that represent a professional consensus on the aspects of practice that distinguish accomplished teachers.

Portfolio Instructions

Read the EC/ Generalist Portfolio Instructions as well as the General Portfolio Instructions to learn how to prepare, develop and submit your portfolio.

Scoring Guide

Understand how your entries are scored.