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Our Vision

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What if every teacher in America was expected to be Board-certified?

If all teachers were expected to demonstrate accomplished practice through National Board Certification—a rigorous, performance-based, peer-review process created by the profession—the public discussion on education would be completely different. 

...There would be more deep reflection on student learning, and less divisive debate on evaluating teachers.

...We’d find new ways to support teachers as respected professionals, and give them the authority they deserve in education policy.

...We’d talk less about tenure, and more about keeping accomplished teachers in the classroom.

...Teaching would be regarded as a premier profession, drawing a greater share of top graduates seeking to make a difference and be recognized for it. 

This is the vision that keeps us focused. The public agrees: A recent PDK/Gallup poll shows that 80% of Americans believe that teachers should achieve Board certificaton, beyond licensure, as in other professions such as medicine. Today, the National Board is working to ensure that every teacher in America is on a path to accomplished teaching—by design and not by exception. 

The road we’re building is a continuum. It starts in pre-service teacher preparation, with every step leading aspiring teachers to pursue and achieve Board certification, and culminates in meaningful teacher leadership roles for those who wish to seek them. 

We're counting on your support.

The National Board cannot do this alone. We’re working with a broad array of partners, from teachers associations to leadership at the school, districts and states, as well as nonprofits and funders who share this vision for the profession. Most importantly, we’re mobilizing our base of 112,000 Board-certified teachers who are transforming teaching and learning across the map in countless ways.