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Standards Revision

National Board Standards represent a consensus among teachers and other education experts about what accomplished teachers should know and be able to do to advance student learning.

Standards for each content area and developmental level are written by committees of outstanding educators who are broadly representative of accomplished professionals in their field. While the majority of each committee is made up of classroom teachers, other members may include experts in child development, teacher education and relevant disciplines.

Standards committees are approved by the Certification Council and produce the draft standards that are reviewed by the wider education community during public comment. The standards committee reviews all of the input received during the comment period and uses it to produce the final version. Revised standards are adopted by the National Board and serve as the foundation for the certification assessments upon approval by the Certification Council and the Board of Directors, the majority of whom are practicing National Board Certified Teachers.

Career and Technical Education Standards Committee

The National Board has named 15 outstanding educators to a select committee charged with revising the Career and Technical Education Standards. Click here to view the members' bios.

Standards Committee Charge

Standards committees are responsible for developing standards for a particular content area and development level that:

  • Reflect the Five Core Propositions;
  • Identify specific knowledge, skills, and attitudes that support accomplished practice, while emphasizing the holistic nature of teaching;
  • Illustrate how a teacher's professional judgment is reflected in action; and
  • Describe how the standards come to life in different settings.

In addition, the committee provides guidance and recommendations for the development of assessments that correspond to the standards.

Requirements and Qualifications

Serving on a standards committee provides an opportunity for members to have a wide-reaching impact on the profession and for teachers to contribute to a shared body of knowledge about their practice. National Board Certification is preferred, but is not a requirement for teachers who wish to serve on a standards committee.

Standards committees work over the course of 7 to 9 months. Committee members should be prepared to travel to the Washington, D.C., area for five week-long meetings during that timeframe. The National Board will provide travel and hotel accommodations, meals and an honorarium.