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Take One! Scoring

Important Notice: Revisions to National Board Certification Affecting Take One!

The National Board is revising the certification process beginning in 2014. In the past, Take One! scores have been bankable toward certification. The forthcoming revisions will make the assessment process different enough that scores received for Take One! cannot be applied to the revised certification process. This means the 2013-14 candidate cycle is the last opportunity for Take One! scores to be applied to National Board Certification.

Take One! participants who intend to apply their scores to National Board Certification must begin the certification process as a first-time candidate in the 2013-14 candidate cycle, the last cycle during which banked Take One! scores can be applied toward certification.

Current Take One! participants in the 2013-14 candidate cycle will not be able to apply their scores to National Board Certification.


Take One! entry submissions are received and scored against National Board Standards, along with National Board Certification entries. Each submission offers an opportunity to see the candidates at work to evaluate their practice in light of conscious, deliberate, analytical, and reflective criteria. No one approach to teaching or school counseling is mandated or rewarded by the scoring process.

Learn more about the scoring process by reviewing your certificate specific Scoring Guide and Evaluation of Evidence.

Score Release

Scores will be released on or before December 31, and will only be accessible through your My Profile account.