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Get certified

There are many benefits to becoming National Board certified. Here are just a few:

  • Financial benefits.
    • More than half of all states—and countless districts—offer free support, conditional loans and/or salary incentives encouraging teachers to pursue and achieve National Board Certification.
    • Many states count Board certification towards state licensure, renewal or step increase.
  • Students learn more.
    • A decade of research shows that students of Board-certified teachers learn more than their peers without Board-certified teachers. The positive impact is even greater for minority and low-income students
  • Improve your practice and open doors.
    • Board Certification allows teachers to hone their practice, showcase their talent in the classroom and demonstrate their dedication to their students and their profession.
    • Because Board-certified teachers are recognized as experts, they are often sought out for leadership positions in their schools and districts. Many NBCTs move on to serve as school and district administrators or within the state department of education.

Steps to achieving Board certification

The National Board’s certification process is designed to collect standards-based evidence of accomplished practice. In all 25 certificate areas, candidates are required to complete four components. Watch these videos to learn about each of the four components.