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See the System
Mark Gardner, NBCTJanuary 25, 2017

Of the National Board’s Five Core Propositions, teachers being part of learning communities was long the toughest for me as an NBCT teacher-leader to connect with, largely because of my schema around what “learning community” should mean. For a dozen years, we have been a DuFour Professional Learning Community (PLC) District. We’ve carved out time for teams to meet, but in those dozen years of “implementation,” the systems as constructed were producing what one of my colleagues accurately described as “Professional Compliance Communities.” For years, our PLC system felt like hoops we teachers were obligated to leap in order to…

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From 3 to 43
Dave Wright, NBCTMarch 1, 2019

In 2006 I arrived at Tahoma High School after 19 years teaching in a neighboring district. I certified in 2003 (AYA Math) and tried to start a facilitation program in that district. I moved before that program took roots but when I arrived in my currrent district I asked my principal, Terry Duty, about starting a facilitation program. I had previously received training from my state and was excited to help my colleagues earn their national certification. From my experience I knew there was tremendous potential for professional growth by pursuing National Board Certification. I also knew sharing this potential…

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Helping students learn starts with learning about students
Jaime Festa-Daigle, NBCTDecember 14, 2016

Recently re-released, What Teachers Should Know and Be Able to Do articulates the National Board’s Five Core Propositions for teaching. Similar to medicine’s Hippocratic Oath, the Five Core Propositions are held in common by teachers of all grade levels and disciplines and underscore the accomplished teacher’s commitment to advancing student learning and achievement. This blog focuses on core proposition 1 that states, “Teachers are committed to students and their learning.” As a high school government and economics teacher, I sometimes taught as many as 170 students each semester. Every hour a new group of students, with different ideas, personalities and…

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Counting My Blessings
Courtney Cochran, NBCTDecember 12, 2016

To say that this year has been the most rewarding in my career is an understatement. When I found out that my colleagues had voted for me for our school’s Teacher of the Year, I was over the moon. I never could have imagined the path that would unfold before me. Next came district Teacher of the Year, then Top 14 State Regional Finalist, and so on until 2017 Arkansas Teacher of the Year became a title that will forever rest after my name, everywhere that I go, in everything that I do.  Looking back, there was a clear turning…

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The Need for a Discipline Change in K-12 Public Schools
Kimberly Bone, NBCTFebruary 18, 2020

Think about it.  How has the approach to discipline in K-12 public schools changed?  Not much.  If you had knowledge of another person’s experiences —  what they see, what they hear, and/or what they feel, would it change the way you would respond to this individual?  If I had to guess, it would.  Behaviors are learned things, good or bad.  Children aren’t born destined to be good or bad.  They see.  They imitate.  They do what they have LEARNED!  Since all learning is social by nature, strong relationships fostered by restorative practices play a powerful gatekeeping role. As a process,…

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A Badge of Honor
Amanda Klare, NBCTMarch 6, 2019

After signing on at 5 AM on the National Board Score release day in November 2013 and seeing the words, “Congratulations! You are a National Board Certified Teacher!” I remember feeling the excitement, a sense of relief, and nervous for my friends who went through the process with me who would also be signing on bright and early that morning. Being a self-proclaimed data nerd, I couldn’t wait to delve into my detailed score report to see how I did on the different components. Through the course of working towards becoming certified, you pour your heart and soul into each…

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The Power of National Board Resources in Career and Technical Education
Sarah Yost, NBCTJuly 19, 2018

“When I first came on, no one believed that an automotive kid would be going to college,” says Matt Watkins, principal of the Arvin Center, a Career and Technical Education (CTE) Center serving students in Oldham County, Kentucky. “But anymore, those jobs in the automotive industry require higher order skills like computer science. The high-paying jobs on the line are becoming automated; but that doesn’t mean kids aren’t still interested in working in this field.” From his first year overseeing the Arvin Center in 2009-10, Matt has envisioned CTE as more than an alternative track for students who are not…

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Keep on Staying
Michelle Morgan, NBCTDecember 3, 2019

After a long day at school, I will get on my phone and see what stories are in the news.  I read lots of articles about teaching.  Recently, I have been reading too many accounts of why teachers have chosen to leave the profession entirely.  I find this distressing. Teaching is my second career.  My undergraduate degree is in advertising, and my first career was as an account manager for an advertising agency.  I thought it would be exciting, but I did not enjoy it.  I wasn’t really connecting with anyone and I wasn’t making a difference. I decided I…

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Vice President of Finance, People and Administration

Job Summary: The Vice President of Finance, People and Administration will serve as a key member of the National Board’s senior leadership team. The VP will be responsible for providing strategic finance and human resource leadership and will oversee the organization’s office management and administration activities. Reporting to the Chief Operating Officer, the VP will play a vital cross-functional role ensuring the National Board’s success in achieving its financial and organizational goals and objectives, while also leading and developing a team responsible for managing the National Board’s finance, accounting, human resources and office management functions. The VP will serve as…

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