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Stop the self-doubt. Why are you afraid of your idea?
Joanna Schimizzi, NBCTNovember 10, 2016

I’ll bet you have an idea. It’s been itching in your brain. Keeping you up at night more than a newborn baby. This idea is not one of those maybe I’ll try this in class tomorrow kinds of ideas. More like one of those massive, life-consuming, I’m so scared ideas. But it’s also one of those Eureka! I think I can change the world ideas. However, you’ve been letting it scare you. I’ll bet you’ve pushed this idea aside. You’ve told yourself that it’s unrealistic. But it keeps hiding in a corner of your brain, creeping up at random moments.…

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National Board Candidacy: A Personal and District Priority
Crystal Culp, NBCTSeptember 12, 2016

In 19 years of teaching, I have sought out, chosen and participated in more than 500 hours of professional development. As I think about all of those decisions, the choice to pursue National Board Certification was the most important. Now, 12 years after my initial certification, it continues to have the greatest impact above all other experiences combined. Here’s why: In school, I was one of those students who always wanted to answer every question asked so that everyone knew that I knew the answer. As a teacher, this same tendency manifests itself, only slightly differently. For instance, I wrote…

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Ten Tiny Teaching Tips To Try Today
Anne Gardner, NBCTFebruary 26, 2020

This blog was originally posted at Common Core Connection USA. From the minute the kids arrive, to the time you get home at night, we’ve got some Tiny Teaching Tips That Can Make a BIG Difference! Help your kids feel seen, from the moment they enter the classroom in the morning! 1. Use Photos and Binder Clips to Make Movable Pieces! These can be used as kids sign in (attendance), or even to select their lunch choices. They are also handy to show whether someone is in the restroom or for playing pieces for board games. Another thought. . . Personalize magnets, like Kadeen does,…

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Let’s Rethink Collaboration: Outputs versus Outcomes
Mark Gardner, NBCTAugust 31, 2016

I’m an introvert, a lone wolf, and never gravitated toward team sports. When I drive to work, go on my morning run, or attack weeds in the garden, my brain is its most productive. I like to be a creative problem-solver, dig into research, and test out new strategies to examine their potential. I understand those sayings about “if you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together.” Erroneously attributed as an old African proverb, this saying has become the mantra of pro-collaboration folks. Countering the “to go far, go together” meme…on the other…

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This Vision Keeps us Focused From our founding in 1987, the National Board’s mission has been to advance the quality of teaching and learning through a voluntary advanced certification. That vision is inspired by the model from other professions, such as medicine, where board certification symbolizes accomplished practice, both within the profession and in the larger community. Teachers, administrators and others who work to support best practice in our schools should embrace that vision to rethink the trajectory people follow to become accomplished teachers. Getting that path right, and making sure all teachers follow it, can strengthen our shared understanding…

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