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Candidates who submitted components(s) in October 2020

This page is a clearinghouse for information and resources for candidates who pursued National Board certification and Renewal in 2019-2020. We approved extensions, exceptions specific to COVID-19, and allowances to support all candidates in the process. Clarification on Portfolio Submission Requirements Due to COVID-19 Guide to Candidate Options — Certification Guide to Candidate Options — Renewal Updates for Candidates who Chose to Extend to October 2020 Additional Archived Material

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National Board Standards

The National Board made changes to provide flexibility for successfully completing your portfolio submissions, Renewal or Maintenance of Certification during the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn more on our Pursuing National Board Certification during COVID-19 page. Create a National Board account to learn the latest National Board candidate news.   What Teachers Should Know and Be Able To Do Developed and revised by practicing educators based on research and practitioner expertise, the National Board Five Core Propositions and Standards describe what accomplished teachers should know and be able to do to have a positive impact on student learning. National Board Certification identifies…

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Why More Teachers Should Use Podcasts
Ray Salazar, NBCTMay 13, 2016

When we started the third of four quarters in February, I gave up on getting my students to read outside of class. Despite the fact that the approaching ACT and an AP English Language test were a couple months away, I said, “No more reading Atlantic articles for homework. Now,” I told them, “I need you to listen.” So every week, I’ve been assigning podcasts from NPR’s the Hidden Brain. The homework completion rate? Almost 100%. Podcasts continue to gain popularity. But I didn’t give this assignment to join the bandwagon. I did it because of the thought-provoking experiences I…

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Tales from the Pandemic: Silver Linings and Lessons Learned
Michael Ida, NBCTMarch 1, 2021

Unless you’re a journalist, it’s dangerous to write history while it is being made.  However, as teachers, we don’t always have the luxury of waiting for the dust to clear before taking stock.  We have a tremendous opportunity in front of us.  Having no choice but to try new things during the pandemic, we have the rare chance to rebuild things from the ground up.  When things do return to some semblance of “normal,” we can’t just go back to business as usual.  Before we lose the moment’s sharpness and the adrenaline fades, let’s seize the moment and maintain focus…

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Making Instructional Shifts with Video Cases
Mark Ellis, NBCTApril 29, 2016

We’ve all been there. In the current education environment, we’ve all faced the challenge of figuring out how to translate instructional shifts from theory to practice. Is this even feasible in a real classroom? How will that work with my students? Variations of these questions are coming up frequently, I suspect, for educators all over the country right now. At least they are in my world, as they represent common concerns voiced by my colleagues and peers as we determine the best ways to support deeper learning that’s reflective of changing state standards. They are valid concerns as well, coming…

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Former Board Members

Angelique Acevedo-Barron (1993 to 1999)Vice PrincipalNorth High SchoolDenver, CO Joseph Aguerrebere (2003-2011)Former President and CEO, The National Board for Professional Teaching StandardsAssociate Director, Teacher Education and Public School Program at California State UniversityLong Beach, CA Melissa Albright, NBCT (2014-2020)Wilson’s Creek Intermediate SchoolSpringfield, Missouri Gil Alexander (1990 to 1996)Retired Science TeacherColbert, OK Yvonne Allen (2001 to 2006)Regional DirectorTennessee State Department of EducationMemphis, TN Artie N. Almeida (1996 to 2003)Music SpecialistBear Lake Elementary SchoolAltamonte Springs, FL Catherine Anderson, NBCT (2011 – 2020)DeLong Middle SchoolEau Claire, WI Leonard Anderson (1988 to 1996)Retired Librarian and Media SpecialistPortland, OR Julie Ashworth (1995 to 2001)Assistant Professor…

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Why I Still Give My Students Zeros
Ray Salazar, NBCTApril 4, 2019

Above: My journalism student finally turned in his editorial. I didn’t lose anything by letting him turn it in late. This was an accomplishment for him and–even though it was almost a month late–he felt proud of himself. A couple of months ago, a high school senior taking graduation photos came up to me in the hallway and desperately asked, “Can you tie my tie?” I answered, “Nope. But I can teach you how.” “But the photographer is waiting,” he responded. I said, “Then you better learn fast.” One of the disappointing changes I’ve seen in my 23-year career in…

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Class Composition: Student Age and Rostered Class

Age – No change. The requirement that at least 51% of the students in the class(es) that you use to complete your portfolio components must be within the stated age range for the certificate area during the period in which you collect evidence for your portfolio will be upheld. This requirement is in place, because National Board certification is specific to students in a particular developmental level and content area. Refer to the component instructions for your certificate area. This requirement applies to initial and retake certification candidates, MOC candidates, and Renewal candidates. Rostered Class – Exception for COVID-19. The…

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Differentiate Better: The time is now
Nicole Greene, NBCTSeptember 21, 2020

Differentiation. For some, this single word describes their entire teaching practice. This same word, though, causes heart palpitations in many others. Our job description gets longer with no sign of reprieve (or appropriate pay, but hey, that’s for a different blog). Differentiating feels like the icing on the top of the unattainable cake. In this new strange era of hybrid/remote learning, where reaching students has never felt more challenging, effective differentiation has never been more important. My hope is to provide you with ways to start today, without increasing your workload or changing your practice. What differentiating is…and what it…

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Certificate Specific: World Languages

For World Languages candidates, the date by which you must obtain the required ACTFL ratings will extend one year if you opt to defer completion of your initial attempt on all four components to 2020-21. That is, if you purchased a component(s) to complete your initial attempt on all four components in 2019-20 and defered to complete that component(s) in 2020-21, you may be eligible for an extension of the date by which the required ACTFL ratings must be obtained. If a World Languages candidate completely withdraws all components defered to 2020-21, they are not eligible for the extension of…

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