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National Board California Advocacy Program

Every student deserves to have an accomplished teacher. Two National Board Advocates will work toward this goal by leading advocacy efforts to grow accomplished teaching in California. Apply today for this unique opportunity to impact students and education. This is a non-employee, stipended position. National Board California Advocates will: Have a meaningful and high-impact role supporting efforts to grow accomplished teaching and National Board Certification in California Expand professional connections, including with state leadership and policymakers Work directly with National Board staff Collaborate with other California advocates and NBCTs Great applicants are: Passionate advocates for National Board certification and student…

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Four Questions Teacher Leaders Must Ask Themselves
Ray Salazar, NBCTAugust 24, 2017

Last year Teach to Lead invited me to give the keynote speech at the summit on inclusion, equity, and opportunity.  A partnership between, National Board, ASCD, and the U.S. Department of Education, Teach to Lead hosts Teacher Leadership Summits to help spotlight and advance the groundbreaking, teacher-led work that is happening in states, districts, and schools across the country. The teams from numerous parts of this country reminded me—as I’ve been reminded every year since I started teaching twenty-one years ago—that there is one universal truth that must always guide us: there are no simple solutions.  But there are solutions.  And…

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Advocacy for National Board Certification

Join us in elevating the teaching profession to ensure great teaching for all students National Board Certified Teachers and policymakers are driving change by creating a world-class teaching profession through the National Board Certification process. Please share these resources supporting Board Certification and do your part to advocate for Board Certification. Key Advocacy Resources Impact Brief State Incentives Chart Using Federal Grants for Board Certification Advocacy Toolkit NBCTs are leading during the COVID-19: Share ideas with policy leaders for recognizing and supporting teacher leadership. NBCTs are advocating for solutions to teacher shortages and teacher diversity: Drive…

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Making Instructional Shifts with Video Cases
Mark Ellis, NBCTApril 29, 2016

We’ve all been there. In the current education environment, we’ve all faced the challenge of figuring out how to translate instructional shifts from theory to practice. Is this even feasible in a real classroom? How will that work with my students? Variations of these questions are coming up frequently, I suspect, for educators all over the country right now. At least they are in my world, as they represent common concerns voiced by my colleagues and peers as we determine the best ways to support deeper learning that’s reflective of changing state standards. They are valid concerns as well, coming…

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Leading Together to Transform Teaching
Luann Lee, NBCTAugust 25, 2016

It seems everyone has an opinion on teaching as a profession, these days. Nearly everyone can speak fondly of a favorite teacher, describing meaningful experiences and the impact that teacher had on students. Putting a label on the specific skills and qualities that made this teacher effective is not as easy. What attitudes, strategies, philosophies, or practices did this wonderful teacher possess that can be observed and developed in other teachers? How do we apply these criteria to teachers as we evaluate their work? And how might we develop such habits of excellence in other teachers? The National Education Association…

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MOC Guide, Instructions & Forms

The National Board made changes to provide flexibility for successfully completing your portfolio submissions, Renewal or Maintenance of Certification during the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn more on our Pursuing National Board Certification during COVID-19 page. Create a National Board account to learn the latest National Board candidate news.   Here you can find the Guide to MOC, instructions and other information that is specific to maintaining your National Board Certification. Please read the information carefully. As you begin MOC, you will need to access the current National Board Standards for your certificate area. Guides and FAQs Guide to MOCMOC CalendarMOC Q&A Instructions…

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7 Experiences New Teachers Should Seek Out for a More Satisfying Career
David B. Cohen, NBCTNovember 15, 2018

Congratulations, or belated congratulations, on starting your new (still relatively new) career! While teaching could certainly be a more lucrative profession, it offers a variety of rewarding experiences you can’t find in any other work. The relationships we build with students, families, and communities can be powerful, even transformative. Knowing the work our fellow teachers are doing, we also have the opportunity to make contributions to our profession, and indirectly affect the learning and the lives of even more students. If your teaching preparation was like mine, and like that of most teachers I know, you may have focused so…

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My Struggle with Classroom Data
Mark Gardner, NBCTJuly 8, 2015

Editor’s Note:  Mark Gardner, NBCT, is a high school English teacher in southwest Washington state working in a hybrid role that also allows him to work on professional development experiences for teachers. The views expressed in this blog are his own. I am not afraid of numbers. Yes, I teach high school English, but was raised by a math teacher, found calculus comfortably challenging, and rather enjoy the cognitive acrobatics of math. Yet viewing my students as numbers —  as mere data points — was something I struggled with for years. Each fall when the spring’s test data rolled in, I’d…

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From Isolation to Collaboration via National Board Certification
Jennifer Dines, NBCTAugust 27, 2015

Editor’s Note:  Jennifer Dines, NBCT, is the Special Education and Student Services Coordinator at the Gardner Pilot Academy K-8 School, a Pilot School in the Boston Public Schools. The views expressed in this blog are her own.   Becoming an NBCT has enabled me to articulate my thinking about our profession, with the confidence and credentials to be an outspoken advocate for our students and their needs. The National Board assessment process served as a catalyst to my transformation from teacher to teacher leader. Although I showed strengths in many areas on my National Board assessment, the scores I received on…

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Teaming Up to Support Teachers, from Beginning to Experienced
Amanda Ward, NBCTApril 13, 2017

When I first started teaching, nearly 20 years ago, I remember the excitement of setting up my classroom, preparing to teach three different high school English classes, supervise the student newspaper and act as the advisor of the junior class. By the end of September, reality had set in. My students had serious challenges outside of the school, impacting their performance in my class. I remember speaking to the mother of one of my students about his difficulties and she asked me what I thought she should do. At the time, I thought, “I’m 27 years old with no children of…

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