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Request College or Graduate Credit

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Educators who have attempted National Board Certification know the amount of work that goes into preparing for the assessment and, particularly, in developing the portfolio entries for submission. Many candidates have expressed that going through the process in and of itself is a significant professional development opportunity. However, the transferal of certification, or completion of parts of the certification process, into credit hours is at the discretion of an institution of higher education. The National Board does not offer or determine college credit. 
The institutions of higher education that offer credit now may continue to offer it for the revised certification. As the certification redesign is fully implemented, institutions of higher education will have the opportunity to determine how, or if, they will offer credit. 

  • The American Council on Education’s College Credit Recommendation Service (ACE CREDIT) provides a recommendation for varying levels of graduate credit for completing, achieving and renewing National Board Certification. To apply,  please complete this form to pay the $100 fee by credit card. After your payment is processed, you will be prompted via email to visit https://www.acenet.edu/transcripts, to have your transcript recommendation generated. Please contact Melissa Villareal with questions. 
  • George Mason University (VA) offers graduate credit for educators who complete the National Board Certification process or serve as National Board assessors. Learn more
  • Maryville University (MO) offers college credit for candidates who complete the National Board Certification process or those who participate in assessor training. Learn more.