Written by Teachers, for Teachers

National Board Standards are written by educators in service across the field. 

  • Individuals are chosen because of their professional achievements. 
  • Committees are assembled to represent diverse viewpoints.

Committees include National Board Certified Teachers and other experts in preK-12 learning and growth. They are appointed by the National Board’s Certification Council and reviewed by its Board of Directors

The Council and the Board ensure that committees address the Five Core Propositions to describe critical aspects of accomplished practice in their certificate area.

The Five Core Propositions form the basis of National Board Standards. The Standards form the basis of the certification assessment.

The Five Core Propositions and the Standards inform teacher preparation and professional development throughout schools, districts, and universities nationwide.

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Committees revise the Standards periodically to update descriptions of accomplished practice.  

  • They reflect on advancements in the field.
  • They discuss practice in different situations and settings.
  • They collaborate to reach a professional consensus.

National Board Standards describe accomplished practice in all its variety. They encourage all teachers to promote learning and growth for all students.

In 2023, the Global DEI Committee updated the National Board’s guidance for standards development. The committee expanded descriptions of DEIB (diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging) to address different classrooms in different parts of the country. The National Board is committed to supporting teachers and students across all learning communities. 

The Global DEI Committee’s work will inform future standards revision. Learn more.

Current Activities

The National Board is pleased to announce that descriptions of the Five Core Propositions in What Teachers Should Know and Be Able to Do will soon be refreshed.

  • The Global DEI Committee recommended the revision, and the Certification Council approved it.
  • The What Book Committee will begin its work in 2024.

Candidates for certification–and maintenance of certification–should always refer to currently published standards documents when preparing for their assessment

Future Plans

Once the What book has been updated, the National Board will launch the revision of certificate-area standards.

  • It will reach out to stakeholder groups–professional agencies and organizations. 
  • It will publicize open calls for committee members.

See Our Standards in Practice

National Board Standards describe the knowledge, skills, and abilities that foster student learning and growth 

  • Across preK-12, in What Teachers Should Know and Be Able to Do.
  • By subject and grade level, in 18 sets of certificate-area standards.

The Standards describe what accomplished teachers know and do. ATLAS shows how teachers demonstrate their accomplishments in classrooms by providing authentic cases of National Board Certified Teachers in classrooms across the country. It illustrates how accomplished teachers successfully engage their students in diverse ways within diverse classrooms. Learn more