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The National Board is an anti-racist and inclusive organization. We believe that educators must help students consider their role in a diverse world, value individual differences, and—especially in times such as these—we believe in the power of the teaching profession to defend what is good and right for all people.

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Recent Blogs

The Silver Lining of the Black Box
Mia Manduca, NBCTJune 10, 2021

I teach to Black Boxes. At the beginning of the school year teaching, psychology to high school seniors on Zoom was intimidating and confusing. Black boxes with names like “Saucy” and “Nugget” didn’t match my roster and with no visual…

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Student Voices: The Intersection of Mindfulness, Mental Health, and Social Justice in the Classroom
Linda Yaron Weston, NBCTMarch 23, 2021

The challenges of this time have magnified the need for including mental health tools within the student experience. As an educator who has taught both academic and well-being courses at the high school and college level, I have come to…

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Tales from the Pandemic: Silver Linings and Lessons Learned
Michael Ida, NBCTMarch 1, 2021

Unless you’re a journalist, it’s dangerous to write history while it is being made.  However, as teachers, we don’t always have the luxury of waiting for the dust to clear before taking stock.  We have a tremendous opportunity in front…

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