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Why I Wear My Teacher ID Badge
Rick Joseph, NBCTMarch 21, 2019

In 25 years of teaching I never used to wear my district-issued teacher ID badge. I figured everyone in my building knew who I was. It seemed unnecessary. Last year, however, I started wearing it on a daily basis. What…

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A Badge of Honor
Amanda Klare, NBCTMarch 6, 2019

After signing on at 5 AM on the National Board Score release day in November 2013 and seeing the words, “Congratulations! You are a National Board Certified Teacher!” I remember feeling the excitement, a sense of relief, and nervous for…

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From 3 to 43
Dave Wright, NBCTMarch 1, 2019

In 2006 I arrived at Tahoma High School after 19 years teaching in a neighboring district. I certified in 2003 (AYA Math) and tried to start a facilitation program in that district. I moved before that program took roots but…

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