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The National Board is an anti-racist and inclusive organization. We believe that educators must help students consider their role in a diverse world, value individual differences, and—especially in times such as these—we believe in the power of the teaching profession to defend what is good and right for all people.

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Recent Blogs

Tales from the Pandemic: Lessons learned as an administrator during COVID-19
Yolanda Harman, NBCTSeptember 2, 2021

Starting the School Year. As a school-based administrator entering my 3rd year in a building, I have experienced very little “normal.” I thought this year would be different.  Er, rather, I hoped. Here we are on the Friday before teachers…

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Why administrators should consider National Board Certification
Yolanda Harman, NBCTAugust 25, 2021

Is NBCT for me?  Of course! In the year 2000 when I achieved National Board certification, nobody in my district had attempted nor had achieved certification. So I decided to take that plunge! I initially sought National Board certification because…

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Seeing Dyslexia through three sets of lenses
Chris Murray, NBCTAugust 17, 2021

From as early as I can remember in elementary school, I had difficulties with words, spelling, and sounds. That difficulty was diagnosed when I was in fourth grade (currently the majority of cases of dyslexia are not identified until at…

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