Accomplished Teaching, Learning and Schools®

To become an accomplished teacher, you need to see an accomplished teacher.

The National Board aims to strengthen the career continuum for teachers by offering ATLAS, Accomplished Teaching, Learning and Schools®. ATLAS is a library of authentic video cases  showing National Board Certified Teachers at work in the classroom.

Access to more than 1,400 cases covering most subjects, grades and school settings. Indexed to standards and frameworks for teachers and students, ATLAS cases offer a visual representation of these standards providing a clear image of accomplished teaching.

All ATLAS cases are from National Board Certified Teachers. Each video case has been validly assessed as accomplished practice, according to National Board Standards.

Video cases are comprised of an authentic unedited video, the teacher's written reflection about the lesson, and related instructional material.

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Resources & Materials

ATLAS serves as a powerful window into the classrooms and thinking of accomplished teachers. These resources demonstrate what ATLAS is, how it works and why it’s a valuable asset for teachers across grades, developmental areas and subject areas.

To build a stronger profession, we must provide aspiring, new, and professional teachers with a clear picture of what accomplished teaching looks like and how accomplished teachers continue to improve their practice.

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