Program Building

Here you’ll find two toolkits for building programs to support educators pursuing National Board certification. These ready-made resources will support a range of activities from engaging stakeholders and garnering buy-in for National Board certification to planning outreach and facilitating National Board-centered professional learning for a cohort. 

Cohort Planning Toolkit

The Cohort Planning Toolkit is for anyone interested in designing a cohort program to help educators pursuing National Board certification. You have access to program planning and facilitation tools, component planning guides, Professional Learning Facilitator training resources, suggested cohort timelines, budget planning tools and more. These resources are not intended to be prescriptive, but rather to give leaders a starting place for designing a program and adapting for local needs. 

Toolkit for School and System Leaders

There are a number of successful models that have been used to expand Board certification in school districts across the country. The System Leader Toolkit below highlights four examples and also provides resources that advocates can use to bring decision-makers and stakeholders on board and engage a team to design and lead the program. Resources include communication tools, visuals, testimonials, detailed case studies, planning tools and general tips based on Board-certified teacher-led initiatives that have shown success.