We’re proud to work with an amazing group of people who have a wide range of interests, backgrounds and experiences, including several Board-certified teachers and other education professional. While our office is based in Arlington, you’ll find many of us in various sites across the country working with partners, networks and a variety of stakeholders to elevate accomplished teaching at the national, state and district level.

Michelle Accardi, NBCT

Director, Policy and Advocacy

Lauren Amador

Associate, Strategic Partnerships

Laura Benedetto

Director, Engagement and Mobilization

Peggy Brookins, NBCT

President and CEO

Claire Brown

Senior Associate, Grant and Project Management

Danielle Brown, NBCT

Senior Manager, Candidate Experience

Daphne Brown

Senior Manager, State Partnerships

Lisa Clarke, NBCT

Vice President, Experience and Activation

Chawanna Chambers, NBCT

Director, Culturally Sustaining Candidate Support Network

Zachary Curtis

Senior Manager, Policy

Marc D'Anjou

Corporate Secretary & Special Assistant to the President & CEO

Jeff Derrick

Director, FInance

Joe Doctor

Chief Operating Officer

Tamara Dudley

Vice President, Advocacy and Communications

Carol Ezzelle

Senior Director, Psychometrics

Jacquelyn Fabian, NBCT

Senior Manager, Candidate Experience, DEI

Marcia Foster

Director, Products and Services

Miranda Fredrick

Senior Associate, Network Learning and Engagement

Janet Haber

Manager, Engagement and Mobilization

Andrea Hajek, NBCT

Director, Assessment

Kristin Hamilton, NBCT

Vice President, Standards and Assessment

Stacey Hicks, NBCT

Director, State Strategy and Partnerships

April Jones

Director, Candidate Support Community

Melissa Mays

Director, Project Management

Benjamin McKinney

ATLAS Data Entry Coordinator

Dianna Minor, NBCT

Senior Manager, Standards

Milad Nazar

Senior Associate, Accounting

Jéri L. Ogden

Senior Manager, Network Learning and Engagement

Sarah Pinsky

Director, Policy and State Strategy

Edward Santiago

Senior Associate, Communications

Evangeline Stewart

Sr. Associate, People & Administration

Melissa Villareal

Senior Manager, Assessment

Thea Williams-Black

Senior Manager, Strategic Partnerships

Caitlin Wilson

Manager, Products and Services