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Generalist / Middle Childhood

This certificate is appropriate for teachers who teach students ages 7-12 and who know the range of the middle-grades curriculum: language arts, mathematics, science, social studies and history, the arts and health. Some generalists are assigned to teach a single subject, while others are assigned multiple subjects (e.g., humanities teachers or mathematics/science teachers). Some focus on interdisciplinary or cross-disciplinary lessons, while others may use such curricular approaches only occasionally. All generalists, without regard to their assignment, practice in a manner designed to advance student learning in two or more subjects.

NOTICE: If you applied for National Board Certification as a first time candidate after March 1, 2014, please note that the description of National Board Certification presented in the following editions of National Board Standards does not reflect the revisions to the certification now in progress.

If you started the process in 2012 or 2013 prior to the revisions to the certification process, the description of National Board Certification is accurate for your candidacy.

Assessment at a Glance

Review the MC/ Generalist Assessment at a Glance to learn more about the following:

  • Choosing the right certificate
  • Reviewing the Standards
  • Portfolio entry descriptions
  • Assessment center exercise descriptions
  • Retired prompts
  • Understanding the National Board scoring process
  • Certification planning timeline


Read the MC/ Generalist Standards that represent a professional consensus on the aspects of practice that distinguish accomplished teachers.

Portfolio Instructions

Read the MC/ Generalist Portfolio Instructions as well as the General Portfolio Instructions to learn how to prepare, develop and submit your portfolio.

Scoring Guide

Understand how your entries are scored.