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Bringing Board Certification to Scale

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Getting Board-Certified

We’re working with states, districts and teachers associations to make Board certification the norm—building a clear path from teacher preparation to networks of peer support to help teachers achieve certification.  

To learn more about pursuing National Board Certification as a candidate and to access the application, please visit boardcertifiedteachers.org.

Collaborative Professional Learning

National Board Certified Teachers across the country have advocated for ways to bring accomplished teaching—and by extension, improved student learning—to scale using National Board Certification as a foundation for job-embedded, relevant, and engaging professional learning. These initiatives are impacting all aspects of the teaching continuum and growing the numbers of accomplished teachers.

Two models in particular have seen great success positively impacting student learning and school culture:

  • School-based professional learning that strengthens practice for all teachers 
  • Putting beginning teachers on a path towards accomplished teaching

We’ve created a toolkit to help principals and superintendents learn from the work of Board-certified teachers across the country. The toolkit highlights four successful models and provides ready-made resources (coming soon) that advocates can use to bring decision-makers and stakeholders on board and engage a team to design and lead the program. Resources available soon include communication tools, visuals, testimonials, detailed case studies, planning tools, and general tips based on Board-certified teacher-led initiatives that have shown success.

“I recommend that all states and districts gather their key education stakeholders together and collaborate. We built bridges and are in close alliance with bipartisan politicians. That is how we are achieving our goal of dramatic improvement so rapidly and effectively,” said Betsy Giles, NBCT, Director of National Board Certification at Clark County Education Association in Nevada.

Network to Transform Teaching

Through our Network to Transform Teaching (NT3), state and district stakeholders are working together to find innovative and effective ways to make accomplished teaching the norm, especially in high-need schools. Through this collaborative model, each participating site aims to develop and strengthen systems that will:

  • Support new teachers to develop into accomplished practitioners;
  • Integrate pursuit of board certification into teachers’ work; and
  • Leverage the instructional expertise of accomplished teachers to lead professional learning of in-service colleague

As best practices emerge from this effort, they will be shared broadly with the field to build demand for Board certification, accomplished teaching, and improved student learning.  NT3 Partners include:

States Districts Organizations
  • Arizona
  • Kentucky
  • New York
  • Washington
  • Alabama
  • Maryland
  • New Mexico
  • Illinois
  • North Carolina
  • San Francisco Unified School District
  • Clark County, Nevada

Across the country...

  • In Kentucky and Mississippi, teachers associations and universities are building statewide systems to recruit and support the next generation of Board-certified teachers. 
  • In other states and districts, the National Board is working with statewide teachers associations, NBCT Networks and candidate support providers to create comprehensive systems of support for teachers to pursue certification. Click here to see what's happening in your state.
  • Through a wide range of recruitment, engagement and advocacy activities, we're building awareness of the benefits of Board certification—in locales where there are few NBCTs as well as others with historically large numbers where barriers have prevented the program from growing.