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Renewal Candidates

As you approach the end of your 10-year certificate, it’s time to renew your certification and maintain your status as a National Board Certified Teacher. Access the sections referenced below for information that will prove helpful as you prepare to renew.

Eligibility & Application

NBCTs are afforded two opportunities to renew their certification, and the process is less costly than initial certification.


The renewal process is not recertification; rather, it’s a less time consuming process by which you submit a Profile of Professional Growth for evaluation by your NBCT peers.


Familiarize yourself with the policies governing the renewal process.


The renewal achievement rate is over 90%, which tells us that NBCTs have embedded National Board standards, reflective practice, and habits of mind in their instruction and are staying current with the major trends in their discipline.

For additional information, we encourage you to review the information found in Renewal at a Glance and view these Renewal Testimonials to hear what your peers are saying about the renewal process.

Candidate Resources

Certification renewal results for 2013-14 NBCTs are now available through My Profile as of Friday, Oct. 24, 2014.