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Take One! Candidates

Attention candidates: 2013-14 is the last year that Take One! will be available

As the National Board transitions to the revised certification process, Take One! will no longer be available for potential candidates. For more information on the revised certification process, visit the Certification Revision page.

Current Take One! Participants (2013-14)

You will have three options to continue your National Board journey:

1. Continue with Take One! You can elect to continue the Take One! process as professional development with the understanding the score received cannot transfer to National Board Certification. This option might be attractive to someone using Take One! for an introduction to the Five Core Propositions and National Board Standards.

2. Convert to National Board Certification. To do this, you will need to withdraw your Take One! application and submit an application for National Board Certification (please refer to the eligibility requirements). If your Take One! application is being funded by a third-party, consult with your third-party payer to see if their funding can be applied towards National Board Certification. Upon receipt of a third-party payer's consent, payments to your Take One! account can be transferred to your National Board Certification account.

3. Withdraw from Take One! If you are not interested in continuing Take One! or converting to National Board Certification, then you can withdraw from Take One! and we will refund all payments made toward your current Take One! process.

Past Take One! Candidates

In the past, Take One! scores have been bankable toward certification with the existing process. The forthcoming revisions will make the assessment process different enough that scores received for Take One! cannot be applied to the revised certification process.

As a result, if you completed Take One! with the intent of applying your score to National Board Certification, then you must begin the certification process as a first-time candidate in the 2013-14 candidate cycle, the last cycle during which banked Take One! scores can be applied toward certification.

To become a candidate for certification, review the eligibility guidelines and submit a 2013-14 candidate application via My Profile before the December 31, 2013 application deadline. After the 2013-14 candidate cycle, you will not be able to apply your score.