Amy Barsanti, NBCT

Amy Barsanti has been teaching for 31 years, the last 22 in North Carolina, and currently teaches 3rd grade at Jamesville Elementary School. She is a National Board Certified Teacher and has renewed her certification. She has a BA in Communication Arts and Theater, an MS in Elementary Education, and an MEd in Science Education with STEM concentration, which began with a NASA Endeavor STEM Education Teacher Certification Fellowship. Barsanti is published in many periodicals, including Mailbox, Parents Magazine, and Teacher’s Helper.

Best Year

August 6, 2018

After 18 years of teaching in an elementary school in rural eastern North Carolina, it was time for a change. But I definitely didn’t get the change I had in mind. When an opening in a school in a neighboring county was available, I pursued it quietly, just as we do in the South. It was my dream job, and sure enough, I got it: small classes, administrative and parental support, a degree of professional autonomy I hadn’t known since I taught in New York years ago. I was immediately accepted and valued, and I thrived. So much so that…

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