Tammy Kirkland, NBCT

Tammy Kirkland is a National Board Fellow, and an instructor at the School of Education and the Coordinator of the World Class Teaching Program (National Board Candidate Support Program) at the University of Mississippi. Mrs. Kirkland holds a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership and is a licensed administrator. She achieved National Board Certification as a Middle Childhood Generalist in 2008 and successfully renewed in 2017 and has served as mentor for National Board Candidates. Mrs. Kirkland taught twelve years in the public school system of New Albany, Mississippi and is a previous Teacher of the Year at New Albany Elementary and New Albany City School District where she led the effort to integrate technology into the classrooms. Mrs. Kirkland's focus with the World Class Teaching Program is to make National Board Certification achievable for all teachers by providing high quality candidate support to all candidates regardless of their location. She has developed national partnerships and collaborations that have led to the state’s first online candidate support program.

Missing the Mark: An Unexpected Journey

October 31, 2019

Blog, they say. Not a problem because I love writing. Write about not certifying the first time…my pen stops, my heart quickens not because I do not have anything to say but because there are so many emotions and so many things to say. Scores will be released soon; perhaps they already have been by the time you are reading this. I have been on all possible sides of this equation: candidate and candidate support provider; my perspective is manufactured and tailored by the best teacher of all, experience. Let’s start with why I did not certify on my first…

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