Look up Apollo: Footprints on the Moon, Pathways on Earth

World-renowned Educator (member of NBPTS Board of Directors), Astronaut, and Engineer Dr. Mae C. Jemison has encouraged us all to take a moment from the chaos of our everyday lives to pause and look up at the sky above. By doing so we remind ourselves, and each other, that we are all connected as members of the human race living together as one on this fragile, yet beautiful rock we call Earth. Dr. Jemison invites us all to participate in a monumental digital event entitled “Look Up Apollo: Footprints on the Moon, Pathways on Earth occurring this summer from July 16, 2019 – July 24, 2019, in support of the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 Lunar Landing Mission. This event will be held across the globe, connecting people from modern cities, to deserts alike under one sky using the groundbreaking Skyfie App which made its international debut in October 2018. The app sponsored by and designed specifically for the Look Up movement is free and available now on the iOS App Store as well as Google Play.

The worldwide digital event prompts us not to only honor the members the Apollo 11 Lunar Landing Mission whose work has helped advance our society tremendously, but also reminds us to take time to explore and acknowledge our many connections with the billions of human beings who are also staring at the same sky at the same time.

“One day we will realize that worldwide, all our lives and well-being are inextricably woven into the fabric of our planet Earth, connected to each other & the greater universe. This is not a choice; it is a reality. How we survive, progress and thrive depend upon how we embrace this reality.”

The Look Up initiative compels people to explore and express their connection to the earth, the sky, the universe, and our connection to the greater humanity. No matter where we are in the world, we are all living under the same sky as inhabitants of this magnificent planet and have done so since the beginning of time. Our ancestors knew the importance of the sky and its relationship with the Earth below. They learned to read its secrets and speak the language of stars above, ultimately leading to the creation of modern civilization and the basis of our society. Now in 2019, we have taken those initial steps further with the countless advancements in modern society and space explorat

ion such as modern medicines, GPS systems, satellites, radio, and even the internet that all

work to define what it means to be an earthling.

“The sky above us does not belong to any nation, tribe, or creed. It is our common inheritance as passengers upon the Earth. The boundaries that separate neighborhoods, states, and countries do not extend beyond the ground we walk. Together, we share one sky.”

The objective of this worldwide event is simple: uniting humanity and seeing ourselves by looking up. Skyfie users can share their own creative content in a wide variety of multimedia formats such as an image, text, poem, video, or even an audio message that can be uploaded to the digital geo-located globe known as the Global Sky Tapestry, where it can then be viewed by millions of people, all connected through the Skyfie App. The app encourages users to look up at the sky wherever they are in the world and immerse themselves in a moment of bliss to reflect on the beauty of the earth as they experience it in their part of the world. Please follow by sharing that moment with the rest of humanity to inspire others and remind us all we are not alone.

Visit http://www.lookuponesky.org to join the Look Up movement today and learn more about future events, stay updated with all things Look Up and Skyfie related, as well as find out how you can play an important role in preserving and protecting the sky we share.