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Former Board Members

Angelique Acevedo-Barron (1993 to 1999)Vice PrincipalNorth High SchoolDenver, CO Joseph Aguerrebere (2003-2011)Former President and CEO, The National Board for Professional Teaching StandardsAssociate Director, Teacher Education and Public School Program at California State UniversityLong Beach, CA Melissa Albright, NBCT (2014-2020)Wilson’s Creek Intermediate SchoolSpringfield, Missouri Gil Alexander (1990 to 1996)Retired Science TeacherColbert, OK Yvonne Allen (2001 to 2006)Regional DirectorTennessee State Department of EducationMemphis, TN Artie N. Almeida (1996 to 2003)Music SpecialistBear Lake Elementary SchoolAltamonte Springs, FL Catherine Anderson, NBCT (2011 – 2020)DeLong Middle SchoolEau Claire, WI Leonard Anderson (1988 to 1996)Retired Librarian and Media SpecialistPortland, OR Julie Ashworth (1995 to 2001)Assistant Professor…

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Welcome to Teaching
Doug Graney, NBCTOctober 4, 2017

In late November 1985, I was interviewed by a young principal who seemed like a cool guy and a verging-on-elderly woman who was the social studies department chair. I was talking with the principal and the rapport was fine, we were connecting, the interview was going well. You know when you’re killing it, and I was. I had been asked to bring a sample lesson plan, and while I was talking to the principal I saw the old gal looking it over. Every few seconds she would shake her head sadly and roll her eyes. Well I’m going to have…

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Teaching Writing on the Side of a Coffee Cup
Ray Salazar, NBCTAugust 7, 2015

Editor’s Note: Ray Salazar, NBCT,  teaches high school English in Chicago Public Schools and  is an award-winning blogger. The views expressed in this blog are his own. Writing matters to students when they see how words survive in the real world. Yes, our classrooms are the real world. But if the writing in class does not connect to students’ hearts and minds and what matters to them, the lessons can disappear like a Snapchat. I want students to remember the value, the power our writing. When I worked at a high school in downtown Chicago, I treasured the day (every…

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Fast Forward to Board Certification
Belinda Furman, NBCTOctober 24, 2017

Where has the time gone? It seems like yesterday that I was sitting at the computer waiting to hear the news whether or not I had become a National Board Certified Teacher. I remember that moment so vividly and how proud I felt when I saw the word “Congratulations!” appear on the screen. All of the time, effort, videotaping and writing had paid off and I was ready to wear the title NBCT with absolute pride. I wanted everyone to know that I was an NBCT which even prompted me to buy a license plate that read “NBCT ‘09”. Now…

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The Power of Writing Begins with a Single Sentence
Bryan Christopher, NBCTFebruary 21, 2018

Late one Saturday night in March, a former student found me watching basketball at a bar. Despite passing my class by the skin of his teeth nine years ago he was thrilled to buy me a drink. We talked about his old teachers and the new principal. He told me about his family, the cars he fixes and his amateur boxing record, then he rejoined his friends and took off for another adventure. It was just one beer, but it made my weekend. Our conversation made me think about the current state of writing instruction. Nine years ago I was…

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Anyone Can Teach
Java Robinson, NBCTApril 24, 2018

This past year, a member of our second-grade team of three teachers experienced a major illness and could not work at the start of the school year. Our school was able at the last minute to secure one of our frequent substitute teachers to take over the position long term. So, what is the problem you ask? This person has been subbing for years and therefore was the perfect person to join the team long term, or so we thought. She quickly found out what we already knew: teaching is hard. This experience provided a valuable reminder of the nuances…

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Leading Together to Transform Teaching
Luann Lee, NBCTAugust 25, 2016

It seems everyone has an opinion on teaching as a profession, these days. Nearly everyone can speak fondly of a favorite teacher, describing meaningful experiences and the impact that teacher had on students. Putting a label on the specific skills and qualities that made this teacher effective is not as easy. What attitudes, strategies, philosophies, or practices did this wonderful teacher possess that can be observed and developed in other teachers? How do we apply these criteria to teachers as we evaluate their work? And how might we develop such habits of excellence in other teachers? The National Education Association…

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Bald Caps and Basquiat: How the Arts Transform Learning
Jeff Fessler, NBCTNovember 9, 2018

When I was nine, I auditioned for a musical and in my first ever role played a bald, evil king in a purple satin robe. I discovered two things: (1) I was passionate about theatre, and (2) not so passionate about wearing a bald cap. Bald caps aside, I marvel at how that single theatrical experience shaped my future. From that time on I performed in every school production, sang in choirs, was a traveling drama troupe actor during two summers in high school, participated in oratorical contests, and started at the University of Illinois as a theatre major. And…

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Fire up the Reflective Practitioners
Kathleen Shahan, NBCTJanuary 5, 2017

My own fiery reflective journey began in earnest over a decade of three attempts at certification in the National Board Certification process.  I speak from experience when I suggest that for some, the “reflective practitioner” (Danielson, 2013) is not as much born; as is instead, forged in the twin fires of doubt and failure.  Questions like “What went wrong in my class or with this lesson? Why did this end up this way?” are indicators that you too have been fired up in the reflective process.  Danielson, 2013 recognized over time professional educators could develop this skill of reflective practice,…

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Getting Started on National Board Certification During COVID

Download the pdf guide here:

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