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To Renew or Not Renew: A Principal’s Dilemma
Derek Minakami, NBCTFebruary 5, 2019

The letter sat on the corner of my desk for nearly six weeks. I knew what it said before I opened it. My certification fell within two years of expiring and so it must be NBPTS notifying me that I could begin the renewal process. There it sat within my peripheral vision whenever I stared at my laptop, beckoning me to make a decision. While I valued being a National Board Certified Teacher, things were different. When I initially became certified, I was newly married and childless. I taught high school science while my students were Livinʻ La Vida Loca.…

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General Terms

TERMS OF USE 1. GENERAL The effective date of this Agreement is September 7, 2007. The National Board for Professional Teaching Standards its affiliates and subsidiaries (the “National Board,” “we,” “our,” or “us”) welcomes you to The following rules govern the use by you of BY USING AND/OR VISITING THIS WEB SITE (collectively, including all Content available through the domain name, the “Site,” or “the National Board Site”), YOU SIGNIFY YOUR ASSENT TO BOTH THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS (the “Terms of Use”) AND THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THE NATIONAL BOARD PRIVACY POLICY, WHICH ARE INCORPORATED HEREIN…

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View Master or Master View
Stephanie Haecherl, NBCTJanuary 22, 2019

As an educator, it is important to ensure that student learning extends beyond the regular classroom curriculum and standards. Students need to have opportunities for real world practice and application of skills that prepare them for life. They need to develop a strong sense of self, an ability to see different views, and a respect for the values, opinions, and feelings of others. With this in mind, it is essential for educators to recognize their authentic role as a facilitator of learning, free from biases and prejudices, so that students may come to their own understandings in their journey to…

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Amp up your Classroom: Collaborate with your School Librarian
Laura Gardner, NBCTOctober 17, 2016

We’re all better when we work together. I’m lucky as a school librarian because my job is all about collaborating with the other adults in my building; my program depends on it. I’m lucky to be in a building that values and fosters collaboration among adults; we already have built in curriculum meetings for teachers in the same grade/subject and these meetings are held next door to the library where I often listen in on their curriculum meetings and try to help where I can. Ways I collaborate with teachers as a school librarian: Book Buffets – Every student in…

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Support for Candidates

Supports for Educators Pursuing National Board Certification The National Board made changes to provide flexibility for successfully completing your portfolio submissions, Renewal or Maintenance of Certification during the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn more on our Pursuing National Board Certification during COVID-19 page. Create a National Board account to learn the latest National Board candidate news.  Initial and Retake Certification National Board Certification: Overview and Quick Start Guide- We’re excited that you are interested in learning more about National Board Certification.  If you’re considering certification, we’ve pulled together this resource packet just for you. It includes the key things we think you…

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Learning Never Stops for a Teacher Nerd
Jane Fung, NBCTJune 2, 2015

Editor’s Note:  Jane Fung, NBCT, is a first-grade teacher in Los Angeles. The views expressed in this blog are her own. “Hello teachers! Just wanted to share the news that the district has posted summer trainings for the new math program and spaces are filling up fast.” This was the text sent out by one of my colleagues last night. Within minutes several of us had signed up for the training too. With only two weeks of school left, you would assume that teachers would be talking about vacation plans rather than learning opportunities, but you would be wrong. It’s…

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“Dear Cathy, I Quit.”
Cathy McAlister, NBCTFebruary 23, 2015

By now, National Board candidates have read the Standards – their copies full of highlights and sticky notes. They’ve created their word documents and chosen their students (maybe). Now they sit with a blank computer screen staring at them. It all felt so much easier before Christmas when “after the holidays” was far off and full of promise.  Now, many are stuck between “I can do this,” and “What was I thinking?’ As the, “Sign your name here and make your payment,” deadline approaches for candidates, many are wondering if they are up to the task. Some candidates have set…

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What are your #NBCTtunes?
Joanna Schimizzi, NBCTJune 17, 2015

Editor’s Note:  Joanna Schimizzi, NBCT, is a biology teacher in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg School District in North Carolina. The views expressed in this blog are her own. Is your classroom a headphones-free zone? Headphones-free zone!! When students walk into my classroom, they know they should never ask if they can listen to headphones while they are working. My position was always that we were doing cognitively complex work in my class, and I had read the research on multi-tasking versus switching – like this NPR story that cites the research of a professor of neuroscience at MIT. Turns out that what we…

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The Architecture of Accomplished Teaching…of Teachers
Mark Gardner, NBCTApril 22, 2016

Earning my National Board Certification was a professional turning point for me, as it was for many teachers I know. It was early in my career when I submitted my Blue Box (with VHS tapes!), but as soon as I connected with the community of National Board Certified Teachers (NBCTs) here in Washington state, hallways filled with doors of opportunity opened to me. As I’ve navigated through these new doors, my role has shifted from teacher of teenagers to teacher of fellow teachers and administrators. Stepping into this uncharted territory, I found that the skill set I brought as an…

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National Board Fellows

The 2019-2020 National Board Fellowship Program is proud to present five fellows who will focus on growing accomplished teaching across the country. Each fellow will have a high-impact role supporting National Board’s work to cultivate accomplished teaching throughout the United States. The fellows will build leadership skills while working on teams to strengthen a range of National Board programs including communications, awareness, and educator engagement. Dr. Ann Nkiruka Ifekwunigwe, Virginia Dr. Ann Nkiruka Ifekwunigwe is the Director of Counseling, College and Career Readiness, & Gifted Programs for Petersburg City Public Schools in Petersburg, VA. As a Harvard Presidential Fellow, she earned an…

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