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The following resources are designed to help teachers, policymakers, district administrators and other stakeholders advocate for policies that strengthen teaching by integrating Board certification and capitalizing on the expertise of Board-certified teachers.  Please feel free to download and print them or share them electronically.

Shareable videos

Building the Profession

NBCT Testimonials


Printer-friendly documents

Policy Overview


Building to
Accomplished Practice

Getting Board Certified

Spreading Teacher Expertise

Impact on
 Student Achievement

State Incentives

Policy Implications
of New Research

Integrating National Board
into State Equity Plans

Model Policy Language

  • Learn about the availability of state and local funding and incentives for National Board Certification through our Interactive Map.
  • For more information on the National Board’s federal policy efforts, contact Sarah Pinsky.
  • For information on setting up a Hill Day event in your state, contact Michelle Accardi.
  • To join your local NBCT Network to learn more about policy activities in your area, contact Tami Fitzgerald.
  • Contact your elected officials.