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Building to Accomplished Practice

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To build a stronger profession, we must provide new and aspiring teachers with a clear picture of what accomplished teaching looks like and an understanding of how accomplished teachers think.

The National Board aims to support teacher preparation by offering ATLAS® (Accomplished Teaching, Learning and Schools). ATLAS is a unique, searchable online library of authentic videos showing National Board Certified Teachers at work in the classroom. Each video is accompanied by the teacher's written reflection about the instruction or the activity shown. Aligned to professional teaching standards and indexed by teachers, ATLAS serves as a window into what accomplished teaching looks like.

More than just a video library, ATLAS cases demonstrate Board-certified teachers' approaches to teaching and make accomplished practice accessible. 

Authentic in-classroom videos of National Board Certified Teachers.

 Instructional materials together with teachers' own written reflection and analysis.

 Access to over one thousand cases covering most subjects, grades and school settings.