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The information on this page is intended for candidates who applied in 2012 or 2013, prior to the revisions to the certification process. If you are currently a candidate, or are interested in becoming a candidate, for the 2014-15 assessment cycle, please visit

Submitting Your Portfolio

Whether you are seeking National Board Certification for the first time or renewing an existing certificate, you will need to use the Pearson ePortfolio system to upload your submission(s) for scoring. Read the Guide to Electronic Submission for more specific information related to ePortfolio, and refer to the certificate-specific details in Electronic Submission at a Glance for a list of evidence to submit electronically. Reference the deadline chart for the ePortfolio submission window.

You should also review our frequently asked questions and the online tutorials for additional information and instructions on uploading and submitting your materials for scoring.

Access ePortfolio

Beginning April 1, ePortfolio registration will be available for candidates to upload and submit their materials for scoring. To register and begin this process, a voucher code(s) is required. Voucher codes will be emailed from (Please note this is not a monitored inbox). Please add this address to your list of accepted email senders to ensure successful receipt of your voucher code(s). If you are unable to locate the email containing your voucher codes, you can access them from the Home page of your My Profile account.

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