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What are the benefits of being an NBCT in VA?

Financial Incentives

NBCTs in Virginia receive an initial award of $5,000, contingent on available funding and meeting eligibility criteria. After the the first year, NBCTs receive $2,500 per year for the life of their certification. Visit the Virginia Department of Education website for more details.

State Recognition

In many states, National Board Certification meets the requirements for initial and/or advanced teacher certification, as well as license renewal. Check with your state department of education for policies in your state.

Educational Credits

Universities frequently provide graduate credit to teachers pursuing National Board Certification. Check with your local university to see if graduate credit is a possibility for you.

Leadership Opportunities

Board certification can enable teachers to take on leadership roles—such as mentoring, leading professional development efforts, and advocating for policy changes—that allow them to advance their careers while staying in the classroom.

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