Alex Klein

Alex Klein is a 7th grader at North Bethesda Middle School in Montgomery County, Maryland. His World Studies teacher is Amanda Kaiser, NBCT. Alex loves baseball and his dog Riley. He is developing excellent skills as a woodworker, his current favorite hobby.

Student perspective: I knew this would be a good class

December 11, 2018

As a 7th grader, I’ve had lots of teachers. Some have known me well and others not so much. Some teachers make learning fun and others don’t. I recently talked to my friends about why Ms. Kaiser, my World Studies teacher, is so good – why do we like her, why are we learning so much and why do kids who don’t normally participate in class pay attention during this class? My friend Will said that Ms. Kaiser is funny and makes lessons really interesting. Amanda Kaiser, NBCT Ethan told me that she relates to her students. From the very…

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