Claudine James, NBCT

Claudine Sanders James, NBCT, is in her 12th year of teaching 8th grade English at Malvern Middle School in Central Arkansas. James achieved Board Certification in Early Adolescence English Language Arts. She has awarded the 2020 James H. Atkinson Award for Excellence in the Teaching of Arkansas History. James has also received the 2018 Penguin Random House Teacher Award for Literacy, and the 2019 Sanford Teacher, Henry Ford Innovation Nation Innovative Teacher and WeTeacher awards. She also has an ESL endorsement and is a board member of the Arkansas Humanities Council. James was the 2019 HSC Community Service awardee and now serves as the district’s community liaison working within the district and community to highlight cultural awareness and to help other educators gain knowledge and skills related to building a platform for culturally responsive teaching.
What Does National Board Certification Mean To Me
Claudine James, NBCTOctober 19, 2020

To strengthen as well as improve the teaching profession, educators must become a spokesman for the profession. By highlighting the vast positive and personal rewards of becoming an NBCT educator, spokesmen are able to strengthen the profession by showcasing the success/advances of students who are taught and/or mentored by passionate NBCT educators. In all my projects and speaking engagements, my main objective is to strengthen the teaching profession by always shedding a positive light on the role teachers play in the overall growth of their students. Why? Strengthening anything makes it stronger and builds it up. Completing and achieving National…

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