Courtney Cochran, NBCT

Courtney L. Cochran is a National Board Certified Teacher in World Languages and the 2017 Arkansas Teacher of the Year. A native of Benton, Arkansas, she serves in the Benton School District as an English as a Second Language (ESL) aide. She divides time between two elementary schools tutoring English language learners. In Fall 2006, after completing a non-traditional licensure program, Cochran was hired by Van Buren School District to pilot a ninth grade Spanish program at the district's two junior highs. Due to the success of this program, the district promoted her to the high school to initiate an AP Spanish program, which has become the most successful in her district with a passing rate of nearly 80%. She then turned her focus to building a Spanish for Heritage Learners program. Courtney Cochran has been a member and often an active leader of several professional organizations, ranging from Parent Involvement Facilitator to District III Director of the Arkansas Foreign Language Teachers Association. As an advocate for the State Seal of Biliteracy she was responsible for initiating collaborative work on a joint AFLTA and ArkTESOL Arkansas State Biliteracy Award. She passionately promotes the 21st century skill of global competence for all classrooms and all students. 
Counting My Blessings
Courtney Cochran, NBCTDecember 12, 2016

To say that this year has been the most rewarding in my career is an understatement. When I found out that my colleagues had voted for me for our school’s Teacher of the Year, I was over the moon. I never could have imagined the path that would unfold before me. Next came district Teacher of the Year, then Top 14 State Regional Finalist, and so on until 2017 Arkansas Teacher of the Year became a title that will forever rest after my name, everywhere that I go, in everything that I do.  Looking back, there was a clear turning…

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