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Follow Miss Soto on social media @riverlibrarian. She is a NBCT librarian in Hillsborough County Florida, the 8th largest school district in the nation and has advised on the Superintendent’s NBCT advisory committee for four years. She is known as a community advocate for educational politics. She is a professional writer and singer. She is that gifted person like Sherlock and Sheldon… okay… a big brain in a tiny body… who makes people, even big 6’5 baseball stars, quake with her observations and detections. If she’s speaking up, that means something or someone shook her out of her comfy spot on the river. The NBCT certification was the apex of achieving those bold reflective skills. NBCT gauntlet runner 2013! Andy Pettitte is her favorite baseball pitcher, a man who made a mistake and publicly apologized for his burnout behaviors. This whole situation from Aug 3, 2018 to April 21, 2019 will be in a historical fiction baseball book soon. Heroes take action!
NBCT Takes Red Sox Starting Pitcher to Bat
Carlee Soto, NBCTApril 25, 2019

What do you do when you and your students are researching a current American hero and they “go wild”? I work at an International Baccalaureate school where we promote taking action on societal issues. After much discussion with colleagues and students, I wrote a letter to inform Red Sox starting pitcher, Rick Porcello, of his behavior and its effects on my lesson plans and students. On opening day at Spring Training in Ft. Myers, I gave the letter to Porcello along with a gift bag of children’s books. Porcello read the first sentence of the letter and asked me to…

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NOW is the Right Time to Consider National Board Certification
Carlee Soto, NBCTMarch 31, 2016

As the next candidate cycle begins on April 1, 2016, many educators around the country will ask themselves, “Is now the right time to consider National Board Certification?” or “Am I ready to become a candidate?” I remember asking similar questions when I saw an information session flyer about Board certification posted on a bulletin board in the teacher workroom at my school. I was very curious! Board certification was highly regarded; unfortunately, I did not know any National Board Certified Teachers (NBCTs).  The whole thing was a mystery. I remember thinking about the “what’s” and “why’s” – wondering what…

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Teacher Agency Unleashed
Carlee Soto, NBCTMarch 7, 2016

A version of old professional development joke goes something like this: A man dies and goes to heaven. Passing the pearly gates, he notices that there are plenty of folks from all professions and walks of life standing around, but no teachers. “Where are all the teachers?” he inquires of God. “Oh, they’re in professional development,” God replies. “In hell.” I used to tell various iterations of that joke to teachers when I was an instructional resource teacher in my district’s Office of Staff Development. (This version is from Edweek.) The fact that we had to acknowledge these expectations and…

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