Elizabeth Brown-Davis, NBCT

Elizabeth Brown-Davis teaches at Lockhart Elementary School in Hillsborough County, Florida. As a National Board Certified Teacher in Early and Middle Childhood/Literacy:Reading-Language Arts (2015), Elizabeth seeks to work particularly with students “at risk” of meeting proficiency levels in literacy.  Her passion for teaching literacy is driven by the use of innovative teaching methods, suitable for all learners. Brown-Davis previously taught in New York City Public Schools for over 25 years. She worked with the United Federation of Teachers (UFT) Teacher Center facilitating professional development. During her tenure with the UFT Teacher Center, Elizabeth was inspired to attain National Board Certification in literacy. Elizabeth mentors candidates who are seeking National Board certification with the support of the Hillsborough Classroom Teachers Association and the Aspire Cadre Academy. In addition, Elizabeth is currently pursuing her Doctor of Education in Curriculum and Assessment studies at the University of West Florida. Her research examines various interventions used to support academically challenged students to meet proficiency levels in literacy.

Education on the Pulse of Change: Virtually Closing the Gap

July 27, 2020

The surge in media coverage on the COVID-19 pandemic and the Black Lives Matter protests overwhelmingly exposes systemic oppression within our country’s institutions. Of such institutions, public education embodies an oppressive system adversely impacting various ethnic subgroups. Studies indicate that inequitable structures in education sustain negative outcomes for Black male students, especially those with disabilities (Booker, 2018). Inequitable structures include, (but are not limited to), biased standardized testing, a lack of resources, inexperienced teachers (Harris, Ingle & Rutledge, 2016). Distant learning amplifies structural inequities for disadvantaged African American male students with ADHD. The inequity of e-learning is amplified by the…

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