Jane Butler, NBCT

Jane Butler hails from Oxford, Ohio. She is currently working at Cedarville Elementary School in Cedarville, Ohio as the Gifted Intervention Specialists and K-5 Technology Instructor. She has also held positions as a Language Arts teacher for grades 6-8. As a military spouse, Mrs. Butler has had the privilege of working in a variety of states and settings as she continues her professional career.

My Why

February 2, 2018

A decade ago I was three years into my dream job. A middle school Language Arts teacher at my second school in so many years. I had dreamed of doing this since I was a young child and I was finally in it; up to my neck in papers to grade, lessons to plan, e-mails to respond to, parents to call back, students to manage and books to read. I was also 3000 miles from home and beginning a great adventure as a military wife. I heard about National Board Certification from a colleague and looked into the process. The…

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