Jewel Mitchell, NBCT

Jewel A. Mitchell has spent sixteen years as an elementary and middle school teacher, literacy specialist, and literacy coach.  She is National Board Certified in Early and Middle Childhood/Literacy: Reading–Language Arts, and is an aspiring children's author.  Jewel shares reflections on teaching, talking, learning and leading on her blog,

Teachers Across America are Invited to Join Me For a #Workfreelunch

December 7, 2016

American teachers are gifted multi-taskers. We, who conduct stealthy paper-grading sessions in the middle of staff meetings and keep at least two internal conversations going at all times. Many of us have found that this is absolutely the only way to survive. As a bona fide multi-tasker-in-recovery myself, I can testify to the exhilarating feeling of check marks on my task list – but I can also speak to the frustration and guilt of never getting it all done. As an instructional coach, in only my second year of this role, I have to concentrate on many dimensions of classroom…

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