Jill Downs, NBCT

Jill Downs is a Reading Coach at Leaphart Elementary STEAM Magnet in Richland County, South Carolina. She has a master's in Language and Literacy from the University of South Carolina and is a National Board Certified teacher. Jill is a former first-grade teacher and Reading Interventionist. She is dedicated to thinking with teachers and kids.
Having Fierce Conversations with Kids Matters
Jill Downs, NBCTNovember 11, 2019

While the term “fierce” may seem a little harsh, it got your attention.  I’ve served as a teacher and literacy coach for years — and in those years, I’ve always had engaging and honest conversations with my students.  Teachers do that. They care. They talk to their kids. I believe educators should set out to grow the whole child and teach responsively.   I do focus on my subject matter, but getting to know my kids through a variety of means enables me to connect with students and help them grow, academically and personally. Kid watching, recording observations, anecdotal notes, reflective…

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