Jill Downs, NBCT

Jill Downs is a Reading Coach at Leaphart Elementary STEAM Magnet in Richland County, South Carolina. She has a master's in Language and Literacy from the University of South Carolina and is a National Board Certified teacher. Jill is a former first-grade teacher and Reading Interventionist. She is dedicated to thinking with teachers and kids.

Having Fierce Conversations with Kids Matters

November 11, 2019

While the term “fierce” may seem a little harsh, it got your attention.  I’ve served as a teacher and literacy coach for years — and in those years, I’ve always had engaging and honest conversations with my students.  Teachers do that. They care. They talk to their kids. I believe educators should set out to grow the whole child and teach responsively.   I do focus on my subject matter, but getting to know my kids through a variety of means enables me to connect with students and help them grow, academically and personally. Kid watching, recording observations, anecdotal notes, reflective…

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