José Vilson, NBCT

José Luis Vilson is a math educator for a middle school in the Inwood / Washington Heights neighborhood of New York, NY. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Syracuse University and a master’s degree in mathematics education from the City College of New York. He’s also a committed writer, activist, web designer, and father. He is a National Board Certified Teacher in Math - Early Adolescence.

How I Got Over (Becoming NBCT)

December 13, 2016

It started from a chance meeting in North Carolina. The Center for Teaching Quality had invited me to be part of a large coalition of educators writing about the future of the teaching profession. It was aptly titled Teaching 2030: What We Must Do For Our Students and Our Public Schools – Now and In The Future. Before this immersive experience, I spoke mostly from a New York City perspective, where Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s individualistic, corporate-style management of public schools reigned, and trickled down to most of the adults involved. The genius of CTQ is and always will be the…

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