Joshua Ray, NBCT

Josh Ray is in his second year as principal at East Pointe Elementary in Greenwood, AR. Prior to this, Ray was a junior high assistant principal and a National Board Certified Band Director working with nearly 1000 students from 7th to 12th grade. As part of the culmination of his doctoral dissertation, Ray is currently partnering with professors at the University of Arkansas to research the correlation between health habits and administrator effectiveness in Arkansas. In 2018, East Pointe Elementary was selected to be part of a multi-year, state funded partnership with Solution Tree to become a high functioning Professional Learning Community. You can follow Josh on twitter @JoshRay711

Why a Great Teacher is Not Enough

November 26, 2018

In some schools, a great teacher can be used to do more harm than good. Where there are clearly identified “good” and “bad” teachers, often parents demand their child be placed in certain classes, staff members feel jealous, leaders are perceived to pick favorites, and achievement gaps develop across differing levels of instruction in the building. Where greatness is celebrated in isolation in schools, only a select group of kids benefit. Additionally, the principal who allows great teaching to remain in isolation must then accept the responsibility of choosing which children to exclude from the best his school has to…

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