L. Julianna Urtubey, NBCT

L. Juliana Urtubey is a National Board Fellow. She holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Bilingual General and Special Elementary Education and is a National Board Certified Teacher (ECYA Exceptional Needs Specialist, 2018). She has taught in Arizona and Nevada for the past nine years. Currently, she teaches resources at Crestwood Elementary in Downtown Las Vegas where she is warmly known as “Ms. Earth” due to her work in beautifying the school with gardens and murals. Ms. Urtubey is an instructor at the University of Las Vegas, Nevada, a National Council for Learning Disabilities UNDERSTOOD Teacher Fellow, a Teach Plus Fellow, a member of the NvDE Superintendent Teacher Advisory Committee, and a Professional Learning Facilitator with the Nevada National Board Professional Learning Institute. She is a Roger’s Foundation Heart of Education Winner (2018) and the recent recipient of the CPLC Esperanza Latina Teaching Award (NV).
Why Latinx NBCTs Matter, Today, This month, and Always
L. Julianna Urtubey, NBCTOctober 4, 2019

Hip-hop artist and educator, Olmeca, wrote a poem called, “They Migrate, We Graduate.” Those four words accurately captured so many of our experiences as Latinx, bicultural-bilingual-binational students and now, just as importantly, as teachers. Our families, just like our students’ families, prioritized our future possibilities and opportunities over many times, their own comfort. When I see my students, I see myself. When I see their families, I see my family. Representation matters. Latinx students make up approximately 30% of our national student population and in many areas across the country, they make up greater than 50% of the population. The…

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