Kisha Tolbert Simmons, NBCT

Kisha Tolbert Simmons, Ph.D., NBCT is the founder and lead consultant of ConnectME Consulting Group. Dr. Kisha has spent the past 17 years serving teachers and leaders across the nation in the areas of educator growth & effectiveness, strategic planning & execution and curriculum planning & instructional design. Dr. Kisha is a proud National Board Certified Teacher (Early and Middle Childhood Literacy) and board member for both STAIR Birmingham and ACT State Organizations-- Alabama. Follow Dr. Kisha on Twitter @KTSimmons4AU.

There’s No Substitute for Authentic Human Connection

July 13, 2020

The following column is courtesy of the Alabama Best Practices Center in Montgomery.  Movement restrictions aimed to slow down the spread of COVID19 have brought about a time of connectedness and isolation for many people. As days have turned into weeks and weeks into months, it’s clear that people have experienced similar yet different problems and challenges. For some, spending more time with household family members was time long overdue. Even so, many found it challenging to spend 24 hours a day, week after week, without much personal time and space. Then there are the single-person households where there wasn’t anyone but…

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