Lauren Brown

Lauren Brown is a biology teacher at Spring Hill High School in Richland County, SC. She is a National Board Certified Teacher and the 2019 South Carolina Outstanding Biology Teacher of the Year. In addition, she was also honored as the American Legion Teacher of the Year from Chapin Post 193. She has also served for three years as a coaching teacher with the University of South Carolina's Education program. Lauren earned her master’s degree in the art of teaching in secondary science education from Piedmont College and a bachelor’s degree in food science and engineering from the University of Georgia.

What is my Purpose?

June 12, 2019

“What is my purpose?” This is a question I seem to ask myself frequently, and if you are honest with yourself, I’m willing to bet it is a question you’ve often found yourself asking as well. While my answer is consistent, the certainty of that answer seems to change throughout the seasons. My purpose is to teach. This may seem simple, but keep reading. I’ve come to learn that there are three types of educators in any building. The first type I call the “professor.” This person has an expert knowledge of his/her content and is an expert in the…

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