Liz Morrison, NBCT

Liz Costanzo Morrison is a National Board Certified Social Studies Teacher. Liz is currently the Interdisciplinary Coordinator of Elementary Social Studies and Science for the Parkway School District in Chesterfield, Missouri. In addition to being a NBCT Liz was the NCSS Secondary Teacher of the Year, a Christa McAulliffe Reach for the Stars grant recipient, and recognized for her students’ work in the History Channel’s “Save Our History” program. Liz Costanzo Morrison is also the author of young adult historical fiction with the goal of engaging young people in the study of history inside and outside of the classroom. Her books include Soul Mates, The Second Chance and Flashback. Follow Liz on Twitter @Liz_Teach and check out her website

Addressing Core Proposition 1 to Engage Students and be Culturally Responsive

July 12, 2016

Teachers are committed to students and their learning is Core Proposition 1 of the National Board Standards. How do you demonstrate your commitment to your students and their learning? As the demographics of my community changed I realized the practices I used to engage students weren’t as effective as they were in the past. I wasn’t doing a good job of meeting the needs of my African American students nor the needs of my English Language Learners. It wasn’t about the kids not getting it – it was about me not getting to the kids. Knowing I needed to change…

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