Lory Peroff, NBCT

Lory Walker Peroff is a fourth grade teacher at Waikiki Elementary School and a Hope Street Group National Teacher Fellow alumna who believes writing is not only enjoyable but essential. She lives in Honolulu with her husband, two energetic and curious daughters, five chickens, two ducks, and one peahen.

Teaching in the Pandemic is like Eating Noodles Without Chopsticks

February 18, 2022

By: Lory Walker Peroff, NBCT I recently attended a virtual professional development on a sunny Saturday morning. I was still hungover from a rough week at school. Despite a brief moment of elation when, for the first time in four months, I had all of my students in attendance, the week was overwhelming as usual. It started with a weekend call from the principal identifying COVID cases in my class. This was followed by contact tracing, multiple absences, hastily crafted make-up work, and rushed Zoom check-ins. Whenever I thought I had caught up, another challenge was hurdled my way. And…

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Honest Reflection: A Necessary First Step in Doing No Harm

July 21, 2020

“I don’t wear a cape. I teach.” “Teaching is my superpower, what’s yours?” I had been enticed to become a teacher nearly two decades ago with inspiring slogans such as these. I was totally committed to teaching my heart out and helping children be their best and brightest selves. I pledged with all my heart to become a “teacher hero” for my students. With this calling in mind, I worked tirelessly to craft engaging lessons, build community partnerships, and create authentic assessments. I created rubrics, anchor charts, and self-reflections. I worked hard daily to meet the standards in interesting hands-on ways.…

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Stop Celebrating Teacher Self Sacrifice

November 18, 2019

“My son’s teacher woke up early to attend his 8am baseball game & cheer him on the sidelines!  She makes sure to attend one extracurricular activity for EVERY one of her students.  Her love and support is so special.” “Mr. Tom is such a great teacher.  He wakes up early every morning to get to school and stays late every night working tirelessly with students.” “Mrs. Ching is an outstanding educator who brings in healthy snacks from home every day to make sure all her students have a nutritious breakfast.” Social media is full of these feel good posts. These…

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What have you failed today?: Strategies on how to deal with our bad days

April 16, 2019

It had been a tough day. After the bell rang, I collapsed into my chair and reflected on the failures of the day.  The list was long. I had failed to communicate effectively with a student resulting in his mother telling me he thought I didn’t like him.  I failed to input my progress report grades properly and had to rewrite them all. I failed at checking in with a student on his weekly goals because I was preoccupied with students who were fighting during recess.  I failed to eat lunch during my lunch break because I was helping students with…

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