Megan Allen, NBCT

Megan M. Allen, NBCT, EdD, is the 2010 Florida Teacher of the Year and a finalist for the 2010 National Teacher of the Year. Megan most recently served as the Director of Partnerships for the National Network of State Teachers of the Year (NNSTOY) and is a Professor of Practice at Mount Holyoke College. She is a National Board Certified Teacher who has worked in several roles in education, including 9 years as an elementary school teacher in Florida. She was also the director of the Master of Arts in Teacher Leadership at Mount Holyoke College, where she envisioned, pitched, and developed two graduate level programs to support teachers across the world in their informal and formal leadership capacities. She is also proud to serve on the Board of Directors for the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards. @redhdteacher

When Human Life is Quiet, We Can Hear What’s Important

May 26, 2020

I listen to NPR frequently in the mornings (self-confession of a middle-aged woman). One story in particular this week pointed out something I have been noticing lately—it sounds like my neighborhood birds have multiplied and found microphones. During the past eight (gulp) weeks of hunkering down at home, the songbirds in my small Massachusetts town are in full force and not practicing social distancing—but chirping loudly, early, and in a beautifully large symphonic nature.  People are noticing this phenomenon in more places than my sleepy little New England town. In one call with a colleague in New York City, he…

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8 Leadership Moves From Women We Can Learn From the Covid Crisis

May 14, 2020

During times of crisis, there’s always a lesson-in-motion in leadership—a real-time case study, as we watch who steps up to support others, who steps in to the hard work, or who steps away from the challenge. I’ve been observing and learning from some dynamic women during the pandemic. If there is a silver lining to what is happening in the world right now, it’s that some people have really highlighted what leadership is (and isn’t). Let’s learn from and with them! So what are those leadership moves?  Find a way to get stuff done, and done well. San Francisco Mayor…

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