Mechelle Gilford, NBCT

Mechelle Gilford is a highly accomplished educator with National Board Certification in Exceptional Education. Her extensive credentials include certifications in Fine Arts, English as a Second Language, Gifted Education, and Teaching Students with Visual Impairments. Gilford's academic achievements are equally impressive. She earned a double Master's Degree from the prestigious University of Florida and was selected as a Teacher and Scholar at the University of Notre Dame, further honing her expertise. What makes Gilford truly unique is her first-hand experience as a twice-exceptional individual. As a child, she participated in a Gifted Education program. Then, during the pandemic, Gilford received an ADHD diagnosis as an adult, embracing her neurodiversity. With her quirky and relatable teaching style, Gilford celebrates neurodiversity and is passionate about sharing her insights on topics related to twice-exceptionality. Her journey allows her to connect deeply with diverse learners and create inclusive classroom environments where all students feel understood and empowered to thrive. As a National Board Certified Teacher, Gilford exemplifies the highest standards of accomplished teaching practice. Her powerful combination of professional excellence, academic rigor, and lived experience makes her a true asset in supporting and advocating for exceptional students of all backgrounds.

Art Therapy with a Dash of AI for Our Visually Spectacular Students

April 10, 2024

By Mechelle Gilford, NBCT – South Bend, Indiana Ah, the magic of our classrooms! Where curious minds explore, imaginations take flight, and sometimes the most significant challenges morph into shimmering opportunities. Today, we’ll delve into the world of art therapy for our visually spectacular students – those brilliant young minds navigating the world with a unique visual experience. As a Special Education Teacher who is also trained in Art Therapy, I’ve witnessed firsthand a range of complex emotions our students with visual impairments can hold. Not only do our students grapple with mastering a world perceived differently, but the fear…

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