Mia Manduca, NBCT

Mia co-authored Len Cabral’s Storytelling Book in 1997. She currently teaches English and Psychology at the Edward M. Kennedy Academy for Health Careers in Boston, MA. She holds an Ed.M. from Harvard University, is a member of GrubStreet, and is currently writing a memoir.

The Silver Lining of the Black Box

June 10, 2021

By: Mia Manduca, NBCT I teach to Black Boxes. At the beginning of the school year teaching, psychology to high school seniors on Zoom was intimidating and confusing. Black boxes with names like “Saucy” and “Nugget” didn’t match my roster and with no visual cues, I couldn’t tell the difference between Kiana and Kiara. But I did understand protecting their privacy. A camera in your home is invasive. Some Boston students are homeless or live in crowded situations, and sometimes a teenager is just a teenager — self-conscious and easily embarrassed. Yet, while these black boxes persisted, a few months…

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