Mandy Manning, NBCT

Mandy Manning is an NBCT in English as a New Language, the 2018 Washington State Teacher of the Year, and a finalist for National Teacher of the Year. She lives and teaches in Spokane, Washington. As an English language learning educator, Mandy is the first teacher for refugee and immigrant students at Joel E. Ferris High School in the Newcomer Center. Her passion is making connections with her students and their families, and taking those connections out into her school and into the Spokane community. She strives to ensure her students feel welcome, wanted, and loved, and works to instill in them the belief that they are worthy of every success and happiness they dream of in life. Mandy urges all those she encounters to be fearless, to be kind, and to build relationships rather than fences. Learn more about Mandy via her web site here:

Common Denominator

February 8, 2018

Every morning I wake up and am amazed I am the 2018 Washington State Teacher of the Year. It still feels like a dream and I often question how it is I got to this place. How is it possible that a teacher who struggled to articulate her classroom impacts until roughly 15 years into the game could be elevated to such a position? How do I fit in with this prestigious group? My research into my fellow teachers of the year gave me my answer – relationships. Getting acquainted with the 2018 slate of state teachers of the year,…

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