Nicole Greene, NBCT

Nicole Greene is a special education teacher in NYC and an Exceptional Needs NBCT, working with students in grades 4-12. She earned her education degree at Stony Brook University and is a proud Seawolf Alum. Nicole has committed her career to working with students who learn and think differently, learning about and advocating for educational equity, mentoring new teachers, and being a social justice accomplice (be more than an ally!). You can keep up with Nicole on Twitter @MrsG_ENSNBCT (she’s very proud to be an NBCT if you can’t tell)!

Differentiate Better: The time is now

September 21, 2020

Differentiation. For some, this single word describes their entire teaching practice. This same word, though, causes heart palpitations in many others. Our job description gets longer with no sign of reprieve (or appropriate pay, but hey, that’s for a different blog). Differentiating feels like the icing on the top of the unattainable cake. In this new strange era of hybrid/remote learning, where reaching students has never felt more challenging, effective differentiation has never been more important. My hope is to provide you with ways to start today, without increasing your workload or changing your practice. What differentiating is…and what it…

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Intrinsic Motivation: How to motivate little minds

June 28, 2019

Intrinsic Motivation. As a human, I feel it within my soul. I know the things I feel motivated to complete and the people I feel motivated to please. I have it —and I’m sure you do to—but how did we get here? How long did it take? Certainly we all found ours at different paces and for different reasons, but is there a faster way? As teachers, intrinsic motivation feels like an elusive goal. When I say the words in my head in this context, it’s in this eerie voice—almost like a fortune teller (or Professor Trelawney for my fellow…

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