Noah Prince, NBCT

Dr. Noah Prince is a National Board Certified Teacher who previously served on the faculty of the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy and coached the scholastic bowl and math teams to multiple state championships. He is currently an Operations Producer at Art of Problem Solving, where he has taught and written curriculum for highly-motivated math students. Noah loves teaching students harder math than they think they can handle.

Asset-Based Grading to Reward Students for What They Know

December 17, 2019

Teachers can adopt better grading strategies to reward students for the knowledge they’ve gained, instead of penalizing them for what they haven’t yet mastered My son’s first grade teacher told me that he was lucky to have a younger sister. Six-year-olds are not known for their empathy, and part of Mrs. Seabolt’s job was to build that trait in her students. She’d often see children impatient with classmates who couldn’t tie their shoes or recite their addition tables. Students with younger siblings had an easier time understanding why that behavior wasn’t kind. They recognized, after all, that it was inappropriate…

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